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What We Do

What does Abortion Group do?

Abortion Group (AG) is all about informing on abortion, getting people talking and raising public awareness of the problems many pregnant women today face - in a way1 that is clear and factual but sensitive to the millions of people who have already been affected by abortion.  

We are a group of people and organisations connecting across the world in a common desire to help women in pregnancy and work together to help ensure alternatives to abortion are a real possibility for women everywhere.  

We work to empower women to be fully informed on the issue of abortion and supported in alternatives (parenting or adoption) so that they are well-informed on how their choices may affect their lives, their unborn babies and their families. Our work is also to support others, including men and health workers facing decisions on their participation in abortion. We are passionate about working for real solutions to the problems women face in pregnancy - whether it be social, financial, relationship problems, lack of good prenatal care, lack of parenting or adoption support or a lack of moral support. 

Our work also includes lobbying for appropriate legal protection of babies before and after birth and advocacy and lobbying for the rights of women in pregnancy.  Where adequate care and support is not currently available for pregnant women, we are determined to advocate for better care and lobby governments for more funding and services for the health of pregnant women and their families.

We aim to provide the best possible information regarding human life, pregnancy and abortion and related issues:

  • Pregnancy - based on the latest scientific evidence to give an honest snapshot on what is happening in the womb at each week of pregnancy.  
  • Medical and surgical abortion procedures - to clearly explain how these are performed and how a pregnancy is terminated using different methods.1


We also give information on support services available for pregnant women and others in our communities who are impacted by abortion, including men, family members and health workers:

  • Pregnancy and post-abortion help services.  We find existing support services and assess them.  If they are good, we include them in AG's online Directory. Using our Directory, a person can get directions to a service in their area from their current location, including when on mobile devices.2  
  • Our online social networks offer moral support and are a place where people can share their stories and offer advice or help.


Our community consists of users of our online forums and also the members of our organisation.  Forum users do not have to be members of the organisation.  

Members of the organisation are legal members of Women & Babies (WOMBS) Support International Ltd, a not-for-profit public company.  We accept membership applications from individuals and organisations internationally.  

We invite you to join us as a WOMBS member!  All members of the company receive membership privileges and may attend meetings of the company and ordinary members may vote.

Anyone can actively get involved in working to achieve the purposes of the organisation by sharing the information we provide, sharing their experiences on Twitter, Facebook or by writing to us, donating to WOMBS, or purchasing our merchandise.  

WOMBS provides its members with online tools (such as the Member's Network3 for networking, moral support and advice, to sign petitions and public statements, etc) and resources (such as educational publications and online Directory) to enable them to connect, share their experiences and events and take action in their own communities, at whatever level they can, to educate on abortion and help pregnant women.



This website or any other WOMBS publication does not contain any graphic photographs of aborted babies. However, we have included some medical illustrations (drawings), to show clearly how a baby is removed from the uterus during different abortion methods.  We give plenty of warning before these illustrations display so visitors can choose whether or not to view.  We strongly recommend that women or their partners who have already had an abortion do not view these illustrations.

2  Please note:  Our directory is a work-in-progress.  We have a policy of assessing services we include on this directory to ensure they are good places for persons in need to go.  We take the responsibility of referring people who need help very seriously. Our assessment process takes time however, so our directory is gradually being expanded to include services in countries outside Australia.  In 2015 we plan to continue updating services in the US, Philippines, UK and Canada.

3  You will only see the Member's Network displaying on this website if you are an approved member of the company.

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