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About Us

Our story begins with twitter.  Most of us met there, talking about abortion, sharing stories and learning about the huge impact of abortion on so many people.  As we discussed our views and experiences on abortion with many, many others over a number of years, we became aware of the need for honest information to be shared more widely on human life and abortion and for people to be able to talk about it.  Especially we realised how so many pregnant women often face a crisis in pregnancy alone and without support to overcome their problems, so they feel that abortion is their only option.

From our interactions on social media, we heard stories of deep regret and heartache from post-abortive women, the distress of partners and families of post-abortive women, pressure from doctors and others on women to abort their babies, health workers who felt expected or pressure to participate in abortions.  We learnt of the enormous impact of abortion with around 43 million abortions taking place worldwide every year, approximately half of these being unsafe.  Also that the main reasons for legal abortions are for the mental health of a woman considered broadly - such as for social or financial reasons, relationship problems or feeling unable to care for a child (or another child).

We became aware though our research, of the widespread lack of clear information on human life and abortion through the internet, especially on government and healthcare websites.  We also saw the unique power of the internet to connect people and allow them to share their experiences on abortion with others anonymously, which they had not been able to do face-to-face due to it being such a personal and painful experience.

We decided to establish Abortion Group to help get individuals and organisations across the globe together in one place on the issue of abortion. We established the Australian not-for-profit company, Abortion Group Ltd, "Abortion Group", which was registered on 8 May 2013.  The company changed its name to Women & Babies Support (WOMBS) International Ltd (Women & Babies Support Intl) on 13 March 2015.  You can find out more about our operations in our company overview.

We understand that abortion is an extremely personal and difficult decision.  Also that many women feel alone, scared and immense pressure trying to deal with a crisis pregnancy and often do not get the support they need in the pregnancy.  Our focus is on education and support for pregnant women and giving women who have experienced abortion, or who are contemplating abortion, or feeling pressure to have an abortion, the opportunity to be heard in a caring environment.

We warmly invite you to join our company.  We hope you feel inspired to participate as a member or get involved in other ways.  Together our efforts will be far more effective to achieve better care for pregnant women, their unborn babies and families and care for people adversely affected by abortion.  

Women & Babies Support Intl is constantly growing and we will welcome any suggestions you have to improve our services.  Please submit your feedback using our contact form.  The members of Women & Babies Support Intl own this organisation - it is truly a global grassroots organisation built by a growing group of individuals from different parts of the world.

The courage of people who have been affected by abortion but find it within themselves to share their story allows others to understand the realities of abortion and learn from their experiences.  It can also help in the healing process to share your story. We are not about making judgements.  We understand the incredible pressure and difficulties women and health workers may face.  We will not tolerate condemnation and abuse of others within our social networks.    We are here to support women no matter what and promote care and healing. 

If you feel inspired to share your story with others through Women & Babies Support Intl or if our information has helped and supported you and your baby, we'd love to hear from you.  You may share your story anonymously if you wish.  We strongly recommend you do not provide personally identifiable information.  We will not post any information without your express permission.  Please email us at info@abortiongroup.com.au.


1.  Number of abortions worldwide annually.  Source:  Guttmacher Institute http://www.guttmacher.org/pubs/fb_IAW.html 

2.  Reasons for abortion.  Source:  APA. 2008. "Task Force into Mental Health and Abortion", 9.  http://www.apa.org/pi/women/programs/abortion/mental-health.pdf 


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